Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo has fastly become one of the most popular and most innovative zoos in the country. The Columbus Zoo sits on 82 acres in Powell,OH. The zoo is home to some of the rarest animals on earth and has been one of the trend setters of biomes. Biomes are areas in zoos built to house animals and plants of the same area whether it be a rainforest style or tundra. The Columbus Zoo got it's fame by breeding the first gorilla in captivity and the lovable leader Jack Hanna. Tho he is no longer the director he still is connected to the zoo. Jerry Borin the current director has taken the zoo over the top. The newest exhibit Asia Quest has been nothing short great, home to the zoos tigers, elephants, Asian deer and crane, red panada, markhor(large goat), a black water monitor named Prince and until October it houses the largest snake in captivity named Fluffy a tiger retic python.

The future of the this zoo will make it the new world-famous zoo. In 2008 the zoo will open it's new entrance and the newly renovated waterpark that the zoo purchased for 2 million in 2006. The zoo will also bring back the polar bear that visitors have been wanting for. The polar bear will be housed in Polar Frontier, which will open in the fall of 2008 and will also be home to animals such as the arctic fox, Dall sheep, seal lions, Kodiak grizzly bear and reindeer. In the upcoming years the zoo will also open a new African Savanna that will have rhino, lion, hyena, warthog, hunting dog, cheetah, meerkat, giraffe, antelope, and many more. Also the zoo will have a South America area with jaguar, tapir, monkeys, birds, bear, anteaters and maybe a zip-line. With the help of Franklin County voters, visitors, donations, and volunteers this zoo has grown to world-class in just a short while.

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